Posted by: kingaaronz | May 8, 2009


I fucking loved it. It was really amazing. The special effects were tremendous, and the entire cast was perfect. To be honest, I’ve never liked anything Star Trek but this was like a complete breath of fresh air compared to what has come before it. JJ Abrams has really, in my opinion, made something lame into something fucking awesome and if he wants to do more films then I’m all for it. Overall, it’s intense viewing and right from the get go it’s IN YOUR FACE amazing. Oh, and Zachary Quinto made me drool at the mouth. 9/10.

Oh, and I rewatched X-Men at the cinema. 

I rate it 8/100, a better rating then when I saw the workprint, having said that I did like it a bit more than I did originally. It holds up very well. Jackman is pretty good and the development of each character is excellent. 


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