Posted by: kingaaronz | May 8, 2009


The album is about four times better than I expected it to be. That’s good, if you weren’t aware. The album is superb, the fact that Eminem is prominent on EVERY track and that there’s more of him than any of the guests – and there are only two: Dre and Fiddy Cent and Dre is on two tracks – he fucking kills it off on both tracks. The beats are fucking DOPE. Most importantly on My Mom, Insane and Must Be the Ganja. Em has definitely returned to his original lyrical style which is what everyone wanted and there’s tonnes of the comedy people complain about nowadays but it helps the cause on this album and it’s going to on Relapse 2 in the fall, too. My favourite tracks are My MomMust Be the Ganja, Deja Vu, Medicine Ball and Old Times Sake.

Overall, it’s fucking awesome. The singles were picked wisely because the album itself pwns the singles put together. 20 tracks, and the total time clocks in at 76 minutes with every track being superb. WELCOME BACK EM!

Relapse, Eminems first album in five years.

Relapse, Eminem's first album in five years.


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